Thank you to all who participated in the City of South Portland's free Household Hazardous & E-waste Dropoff on November 18, 2017. We are THRILLED with the amount of residents who stopped by to participate, and we thank all of you who braved long lines and wait times to dispose of your HHW & ewaste. For an event that has never topped 500 participants, we had over 700 show up for this one!

We know many of you may have encountered the traffic jam, and a few may have dealt with confusion over items our vendors declined to accept, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

In anticipation of future dropoff events drawing similar numbers of participants, will be looking into making modifications to improve your experience. Based on residents' feedback and staff analysis, we are considering the following changes. Your input is welcome and appreciated!

1. Consider holding the event more than once a year (in May and October).
2. Consider paying Clean Harbors to provide additional staff for quicker Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) processing and decreased wait times.
3. Consider holding the HHW & E-Waste events separately. With the increased volume of participants bringing items, there were significant bottle necks that occurred due to sorting both HHW & E-Waste items simultaneously.
4. Consider holding the event(s) on a Sunday to reduce congestion and confusion from residents using only the Transfer Station for yard waste disposal (the Transfer Station is closed on Sundays before November).
5. Provide more distance / separation between HHW and E-Waste drop off operations. Some of bottle necks occurred due to the close proximity of the drop off areas.
6. Make sure to carefully review the contracts for lists of acceptable items with each of the vendors well in advance of the event date.
7. Meet with vendors, staff and volunteers on the morning of the event to ensure that public messaging is consistent.
8. Consider using 2-way radios (or mobile phones) to facilitate better communication between vendors, staff and volunteers.
9. Continue allowing people to queue in line until 1PM and make sure the vendors know that items will still be coming in well beyond the stated closing time.
10. Consider extending the event hours to allow residents more time to participate.



The City of South Portland holds a Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day annually in autumn, usually October or November.  Information about these drop off days will be posted on this page several weeks prior to each year's event.  This is an opportunity to rid your basement, garage, workshop, etc. of unwanted products that would be harmful to the environment to dispose of with your household trash or to pour down the drain.  

If you are moving or otherwise unable to wait until our drop-off event, please contact us at 207-767-7635 for more information about the proper disposal of these hazardous products.

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