Police Officers Wanted

Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement?  If so, you may have a future with the South Portland Police Department, a progressive and professional agency located on the Southern Maine coast.  The department is seeking motivated and career-oriented individuals interested in helping to protect and serve our community.  Becoming a 21st century police officer is a challenging and rewarding career opportunity.  No training or experience is necessary.

South Portland Police Department is the 4th largest municipal department in the State of Maine. Answering approximately 36,000 calls for service per year, the department offers excellent training, as well as specialty, promotional and other opportunities for career development, including Detective, Evidence Technician, Community Response Officer (CRO), K-9 Officer, Task Force Investigators (MDEA / FBI Safe Streets), Field Training Officer, SWAT Operator, Police Diver, School Resource Officer (SRO) and Polygraph Operator.

The City of South Portland accepts applications for police officers on an ongoing basis.

The position offers a comprehensive benefits package, including competitive wages, step and COLA increases, substantial overtime opportunities, and added financial stipends for post-secondary education, physical fitness level, EMT licensure, MCJA certification level, and specialty assignments.  Educational tuition reimbursement, annual clothing allowance, paid medical health insurance coverage, vision and dental plans, paid vacation and sick leave, and excellent retirement options, including a pension with a benefit of at least 66% of average final compensation after 25 years of service, a Deferred Compensation Plan (457(b)) and Social Security are also included

Eligible candidates must be at least 20 years of age at the time of application, hold a valid operator's license, be at least high school graduate or equivalent, be eligible to lawfully remain, accept employment and work in the United States, and have no disqualifying criminal convictions or conduct.  Physical Fitness, Criminal Background Check, Polygraph, Job Assessment, and other testing will be conducted. Preference will be given to Maine Criminal Justice Academy graduates or equivalent (out of state) law enforcement certification.  Certified, lateral hires may be compensated for prior experience.

Applications must include written proof of the following:

Certified Law Enforcement Officer Applicants: **

1.  Proof of full-time law enforcement certification;

2.  Copies of other relevant verifying documents, as outlined within the employment application;

Non-Certified Law Enforcement Officer Applicants:

1.  Proof that the applicant has passed the ALERT test, as required for entrance to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP); *

2.  Proof that the applicant has passed the Physical Fitness Testing (PFT), as required for entrance into the MCJA BLETP, within the six (6) months preceding the application date; *

3.  Copies of other relevant verifying documents, as outlined within the employment application;


*    MCJA ALERT and PFT testing is offered monthly. To schedule, contact the MCJA at 207.877.8000 (www.maine.gov/dps/mcja).

**  For these purposes, a Certified Law Enforcement Officer means a person certified by the MCJA to work as a full-time police officer in Maine, OR who has graduated from an equivalent training program in this or another state, and would be eligible for waiver of basic training and certification as a full-time police officer in Maine.

For additional information, view the department's Recruitment Video, or contact Lt. Frank Clark by email or by calling 207-799-5511 ext. 7242.


Crossing Guides Wanted

The department is also looking for on-call School Crossing Guides. Available hours are weekdays from 7:15AM to 8:05AM, 8:15AM to 9:00AM, 2:15PM to 2:35PM, and 3:00PM to 3:25PM. Those interested should e-mail Lt Todd Bernard or call 207-799-5511 ext. 7241.