Southern Maine Regional SWAT

Current_SWAT_Patch.jpgThe Department is fortunate to have a highly skilled group of officers that volunteer to be a part of the Police SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics). In 2009 The department entered into a partnership with Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth to Form the Southern Maine Regional SWAT Team. The 25 person team is made up of officers from South Portland, Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth and is comprised of 21 officers and 4 Medics. The Southern Maine Regional SWAT team works very closely with our counterparts in the Regional Crisis Negotiating team from the same deparments.

This team is assigned to some of the most dangerous situations in which officer assistance is required. Although members are in top physical condition and trained to use a variety of weapons, these officers are just as skilled at methods of communication designed to de-escalate problems to ensure a safe resolution to any crisis. Officers receive between 150-192 hours of training each year. Training topics include: Weapon skills, Physical fitness, building clearing, dealing with mental ill, legal issues, first aid and numerous other topics.

Contact Swat

South Portland Police Department

Sgt John Sutton
Sgt Benjamin Macisso
Off Scott Corbett
Off Brian McCarthy
Det Jake Hall
Det Jeff Levesque

Officer Jeff Warren

Det Jonathan Stearns

Ofc Chris Schofield

Ofc Chris Gosling

Cape Elizabeth Police Department

Det Paul Fenton
Off Jeffrey Gaudette

Scarborough Police Department

 Sgt Tom Chard
Det Don Laflin
Ofc Mike Beeler
Ofc Mike Sawyer
Det Garrett Strout
Ofc Ian Theriault
Det Tim Dalton
Ofc Ted Mahar-Medic
Ofc Travis Hon

South Portland Fire Department

Lt Harry Weymouth- Medic
FF Fred Floberg-Medic
FF Blake Davis-Medic

Contact Crisis Negotiators

South Portland Police Department

Sgt Kevin Gerrish
Det Robert Libby
Ofc Rocco Navarro
Ofc Erin Curry

Cape Elizabeth Police Department

Det Mark Dorval

Scarborough Police Department

Sgt Gene O'Neill
Det Eric Greenleaf