A School Resource Officer (SRO) is on duty at the High School.

The SRO is a facilitator of safe and secure school settings. He acts as the foundation for a safe, stable educational environment by fulfilling three roles in the school which he is assigned. He is a law enforcement officer, a law-related counselor, and a law-related education teacher. He intervenes when violent incidents occur, and his presence can prevent such incidents from happening.

The School Resource Officer program is a community-policing approach practiced in a school environment. The school is the officer's beat. The exclusive focus on the physical and social territory that is the school is an important aspect of the SRO concept.

Unlike the police officer who responds to school problems as a result of a 911 call by the faculty, a SRO regards the school as their community! He knows the physical design and layout, he is aware of who belongs at the school and who does not, he participates in school activities and extra curricular events, he is a classroom resource to teachers in the area of their expertise, and he is a member of the school community.

The SRO is assigned to the Community Response Unit. The SRO isĀ Ofc Alfred Giusto