On behalf of the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee, the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) is working with a team of consultants from the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission (SMPDC) and Richardson and Associates,  a local landscape architecture firm, on developing a master plan for the City of South Portland's West End neighborhood.


West End Neighborhood Master Plan

File Name Date Added File Size
Draft_West_End_Neighborhood_Master_Plan_8-16-17.pdf 8/16/2017 23,861.53 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 07-20-17.pdf 8/10/2017 147.97 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 06-15-17.pdf 8/10/2017 161.21 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 04-20-17_amended.pdf 8/10/2017 280.80 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 03-16-17.pdf 8/10/2017 130.93 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 02-16-17.pdf 8/10/2017 166.85 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 01-19-17.pdf 2/21/2017 166.67 KB
Comp Plan Minutes 11-17-16.pdf 2/21/2017 163.51 KB
CPIC Minutes 10-20-16.pdf 2/21/2017 182.93 KB
2_9_17_West End Zoning Outline of Revised Zoning Provisions.pdf 2/21/2017 677.38 KB
ExistingConditionsMaps3--higher_resolution.pdf 2/21/2017 2,757.28 KB
WE Proposed Schedule 1_11_17.docx 2/21/2017 14.38 KB
West End Flier.pdf 2/21/2017 689.62 KB
West End Neighborhood Plan Public Engagement Strategy.docx 2/21/2017 18.44 KB