*you may come to more than 1 swim per day* 


SoPo Residents:  Adults: $4    Youth/Seniors: $3 


Non Residents:  Adults: $5   Youth/Seniors: $4






*20 punches per card*


SoPo Residents:  Adults: $60    Youth/Seniors: $40  


Non Residents:  Adults: $80   Youth/Seniors: $60



Water Aerobics Classes:

We offer both deep water and shallow water classes, at varying intensity levels.  Our classes are as follows

(instructors subject to change):


Deep Water (focus on stretching) w/ Shirley 7-8am

Shallow Water (focus on balance) w/ Deb 8-9am

Deep Water (focus on cardio) w/ Hildi 7-8pm


Deep Water (focus on cardio) w/ Lesley 6:45-7:30am

Shallow Water (focus on cardio) w/ Robert or Kara 7-8pm


 Deep Water (focus on stretching) w/ Shirley 7-8am

 Shallow Water (focus on movement) w/ Alicia 8-9am

 Deep Water (focus on cardio) w/ Hildi 7-8pm


 Deep Water (focus on cardio) w/ Lesley 6:45-7:30am

Aqua Rhythm & Sculpt (focus on toning) w/ Laura 7:30-8:15am

 Shallow Water (focus on cardio) w/ Sara 6-7pm


 Deep Water (focus on stretching) w/ June 7-8am

 Shallow Water (focus on cardio) w/ Lesley 8-9am


Our classes are drop-in, so no need to sign up for a whole session in advance.  The rate is $4res/$5non-res.  Our instructors are more than welcome to show you the basics before class starts.  Please arrive a minute or two before the class time and introduce yourself!  All of our classes are a great workout and we look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals this year!







Good news, Aerobics Folks...
Saturday's SWA classes, with Sara,  return on April 7th at 7am!


Check out the most current pool schedule below:


April 2018.pdf

April 2018 notes.pdf







Classes Available...

We offer youth swimming lessons for children ages 6mo through 14yo and follow the American Red Cross standards for our class structure and sizes.  We offer morning, evening and weekend classes and do our best to accommodate all children into our programs which are taught by certified WSIs and experienced aides. 

  The Spring session runs for 7 weeks with classes meeting weekly.

Specific class times and dates for the Winter/Spring session can be found in the Program Brochure. 

Registration Information... 


May register beginning Monday, March 12th at 7am 



May register beginning Friday, March 16th at 7am


Online registration for swim lessons...  

Please go to www.sopoparksrec.com to register for swim lessons.  Because of the high demand and limited space in each class, you will have a 15 minute window to complete our registration once you select a class.  


-Create a household account thru MyRec BEFORE the actual registration date.  this will save you time.

-Check out the class offerings BEFORE registering.  There are MUTLIPLE CLASSES offered for each swimming level.

-Know which level your child is in BEFORE registering.  If you do not know this, please contact Lesley or Robert (Aquatic Supervisors) at 767-7650.  We have a master list, dating back one year, of children's swim levels.  If your child has not taken lessons with us before we can usually figure out their swim level with a few questions or we can schedule a time for your child to be evaluated.

-If the class you need is full, please call the Community Center and ask to be placed on the waiting list.  If we can help you, you will receive a call from Lesley within the week after non-resident registration has occurred.


Tips for getting the most out of your child's lessons:


Please feel free to communicate with the instructor any concerns you or child may be having.  Let us know if pushing your child would be best or if taking new skills at a slower pace is the best learning style for your child.  The more we know, the better we can instruct!


Kids should be on time to class with long hair tied back into a bun or braid or in a swim cap.  Goggles are really helpful for kids in levels 3-5.  Send your child to the bathroom before class begins.  The domino effect of one child needing to "go to the bathroom", followed by every other student, can have a real damaging effect on the class lesson plan.


Our instructors are highly trained and simply put, REALLY GOOD!  We have methods to our madness and really are working on swimming skills when we play games.  Many of us have been teaching for over 25 years and we know how to make swimming lessons full of skills AND fun!  With this being said, not every teaching style matches every learning style, so please communicate with the Supervisor on deck if you have any questions or concerns.  Should your concern be with the Supervisor themselves, then please see our Pool Coordinator, Patrick McArdle.  We want your child to enjoy swimming so that they can learn to be safe and strong in the water.  If having an instructor, with a different approach to teaching, would benefit your child, we will do our best to accommodate your child by moving them into a new class.

Image result for Super Teacher Clip Art  


Our Spring session of adult lessons will be offered as follows: 

-Sundays 7-7:45pm (Beginners only)

-Tuesdays 7:45-8:30am (Advanced only-Stroke Refinement)

-Thursdays 8-8:45pm (Advanced only-Stroke Refinement)

-Saturdays 11-11:45am (Advanced only-Stroke Refinement)


You can register online!

 Image result for swimming lessons clip art


Spring 2018 Session details: 

RipTide Swim Club and Rip Tide Plus: 

Rip Tide Swim Club is designed for swimmers ages 8 (by the start date)-14 who are looking to build endurance and improve their stroke technique. This program will provide an introduction to competitive swimming in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. In order to join the RT group a swimmer must have completed Level 3 swim lessons or have approval from the head coach.  Our goal is to inspire a love of the water and foster enjoyment of this life long sport. 

Please e-mail questions to Kara Ciampi    kara@ciampimail.com  

MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS 6-7pm Image result for swim team clip art

Program Dates:

Session III (Spring) 3/12 - 5/18

(No practice on 4/16 & 4/18)


Rip Tide Plus is for Middle School age swimmers only who can swim roughly 1200 meters per practice. Each practice is made up of roughly 60% conditioning and 40% technique work, so technique should be solid in all four competitive strokes prior to entering this group.

Please e-mail the coach at kara@ciampimail.com if you have questions about this program.  Min 6 -Max 12 

Practices are: 


Program Dates: 

Session III (Spring) 3/12 - 5/18

(No practice on 4/16 & 4/18)





The City of South Portland is pleased to offer professional lifeguards and a variety of programming at the South Portland Municipal Pool and Willard Beach. Both are open to the public.

The South Portland Pool is a 6-lane, 25 meter pool with diving board, handicapped accessible ramp and Hoyer lift. Our pool depth is approximately 3.5 feet in the shallow end and bottoms out at 12 feet in the deep end. We are home to the South Portland High School Red Riots Swim & Dive Team, the Middle School teams, as well as to a host of user groups such as Coastal Maine Aquatics (CMA) and Southern Maine Aquatic Club (SMAC).  Through lap swims, deep and shallow water aerobics classes and swimming lessons for youth and adults we average about 50,000 patrons per year.

The pool is open Monday through Friday from 6am to 9pm. Weekend hours fluctuate with the season.

We offer American Red Cross Swim Lessons, Water Safety and Lifeguard Training courses.

Please contact Aquatic Coordinator Patrick McArdle with any questions. You can also reach the SP Community Center or Aquatic Supervisors Lesley Hurley and Robert Carter via the front desk at 767-7650.