The Greenbelt Walkway

The city of South Portland is located on the southern coast of the State of Maine. The Fore River separates South Portland from the city of Portland for a major portion of its northern border.  South Portland is bordered by the towns of Cape Elizabeth at its southeast and Scarborough at its southwest. The Atlantic Ocean forms South Portland's eastern border as Portland Harbor and Casco Bay.


South Portland is Maine’s fourth largest city and the second largest in the region. Once principally a residential community, the City now enjoys a diversified commercial, industrial and advanced technology aspect to its economy. South Portland is a suburban urban coastal community with highly developed shorefront areas.  The City is comprised of several villages, all being contiguous to each other. The City's land area is comprised of residential, local business, industrial, commercial and resource protection zones, open space, coastal and woodland areas with a total area encompassing 12.93 miles.


The city of South Portland has been a state leader in bicycle and pedestrian trail development. The first trail developed within the City was the Spring

Point Shoreway Trail back in 1979. Soon after, the City obtained the deed of an old railroad bed that once served as the supply route for the World War II Liberty Shipyard located near Bug Light in South Portland. During the mid 1980’s the City developed the rail-line into an 8-foot wide to buy 2.2 mile long paved pedestrian path. Over the last five years, the Maine DOT has provided the City funding for further trail development. This funding has constructed an additional mile of trail, and paved another 1/2 mile of trail. The funding allocation was important because it allowed for two gaps in the trial corridor to be closed, creating a single contiguous trail corridor. In the spring of 2004, the City reached a milestone by paving the last 2.0 miles of trail corridor, extending west to the Town of Scarborough. The Greenbelt now provides 5.7 miles of off-road trail from the town of Scarborough to Bug Light Park in South Portland.

Trail Map


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