Office of Public Health

Maine state law requires all municipalities in Maine to have a designated Local Health Officer (LHO). In 2010, the Fire Department took over responsibility for this role. The Local Health Officer has a broad range of responsibility based upon the type of community they serve. In South Portland, we are fortunate to have a designated code enforcement division as well as a full-time health inspector.

In South Portland, the Local Health Officer is responsible for reporting outbreaks of infectious disease to the Maine Centers for Disease Control. In addition, the Local Health Officer can assist residents with issues such as residential mold, bedbugs, and Lyme disease. The Local Health Officer also assists code enforcement in the investigation of unhealthy dwellings.

Stephen Fox is currently serving as the Local Health Officer. Mr. Fox is a Registered Nurse and a Paramedic. If you wish to speak to the Local Health Officer, contact Mr. Fox at 207-799-3314 extension 7376 or e mail at More information of public health issues can be found at