City of South Portland

11/4/14 Municipal Election

Petition papers are now available for the following seats;

City Council District One
City Council District Two
City Council District Five
Board of Education - At Large (2 seats)
Portland Water District - South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Trustee  

If you are considering running for office Maine Municipal Association has put together some very good information to provide an overview of what to expect.  You may also find language from the Charter for the City Council and the Board of Education to be helpful.  Also, the Portland Water District provides an election brochure with details about running for the Board of Trustee seats.  The City was redistricted earlier this year.  You may want to check the Street List to verify which District you currently reside in.  If you have questions please contact the City Clerk, Susan Mooney at 767-7627.

The following individuals have taken out papers;

Name                                         Address                          Race                                           


Richard Carter   33 Thompson Street   City Council - District One    07/30/14  
Michael R. Pock 86 Grand Street City Council - District One 08/07/14 08/25/14 
Claude V.Z. Morgan 75 School Street City Council - District One 08/28/14  
Patricia A. Smith 63 Parrott Street City Council - District Two 08/06/14  
Brad Fox 12 Rollins Way City Council - District Five 08/20/14  
Rolla Dowling 80 Brickhill Ave. City Council - District Five 08/28/14   
Karen Callaghan 241 Alfred Street Board of Education - At Large 08/08/14  
Christopher Hershey 9 Fairlawn Ave. Board of Education - At Large 08/08/14  
Mary House 131 Elderberry Drive Board of Education - At Large 08/08/14   
Wayne Ross 1 Franklin Terrace Portland Water District Trustee     07/31/14  08/25/14


All seats require 100 qualified signatures.  The Portland Water District Trustee will also require signatures from the Town of Cape Elizabeth.  Interested candidates should inquire with the Town Clerk of Cape Elizabeth for filing requirements.

Voters may only sign nomination papers for one candidate per district. It is unlawful to sign another person's name to a petition (this includes the signature of one's spouse). Candidates may recruit petition circulators to help them obtain the signatures they need.  The petition circulators must witness the signature of each person who signs.  Circulators cannot leave petitions in stores, businesses, etc. to be picked up at a later time.  Each circulator must fill out the back side of the petition form and sign it in the presence of a notary. All petition forms must be filed at the same time.  The Clerks' Office recommends that candidates not wait until the deadline to turn in petitions.  If there should be a problem there would not be enough time for the candidate to correct the problem.  Petitions cannot be returned before 08/25/14.  The deadline to file a petition is 4:30 on September 8th.

Every candidate must register with the Clerk before accepting any campaign contributions or making any campaign expenditures.  Please review the "2014 Municipal Candidates Guide" for more information.  Registration forms are included in the petition packet.

Campaign Signs - Campaign signs must clearly and conspicuously state that the communication has been authorized and must clearly state the name of the person who made or financed the expenditure.  See page 31 of the 2014 Municipal Candidates Guide for more information.  Signs must not be erected before 09/23/14 and must be removed by 11/11/14.

SPC-TV is a community resource for South Portland.  Candidates may be interested in utilizing this resource to get information out about your campaign.  For more information....