Official Election Results


 City of South Portland
11/4/14 Municipal Election

Polls are open from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Absentee voting ended on October 30th.  Copies of sample ballots are listed under November 4, 2014 Ballot Information to the left.

Recordings of local and State candidate debates can be found by clicking on "Recordings of Debates" in the left menu column.  A recording of the Marijuana Debate is also posted there.

City and State redistricting occurred earlier this year.  All voters whose polling location changed received a post card earlier this spring advising them of their new polling location.  A reminder mailing will go out this fall.

The Secretary of State delivered new voting machines across the State last fall.  Because the technology is of a higher complexity, the machines are a little slower than the older models.  Voters may recall standing in line for up to a half hour last fall during peak voting hours.  The machines had a programming update that may make them a little faster however voters should plan on a little extra time at the polls on Election Day.  One additional machine has been ordered for the Community Center and the American Legion Hall.  Using the data from the last Gubernatorial Election and the shift from the redistricting, we would anticipate the voter turn out for each District to be;

District One         District Two             District Three/Four         District Five       Absentees

    1,779                     2,116                         2,779                              1,234                 3,549

Last fall the voter turn out was;

District One         District Two             District Three/Four         District Five       Absentees

    1,589                     1,470                         2,820                              1,149                 1,803

Based on these figures District Two voters may want to consider absentee voting if that is more convenient for them.  The extra machine should move voters through quicker however there will be quite a few more voters at that location.